Monitoring Services

Monitoring is the Very essential part of any Business, its pure visualization of usage of resources, Either its is Hardware, Software or components or even Employees!!

Monitoring can be of Multiple Things,

  • Network Resource Monitoring
  • Device Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • CPU / RAM/ Hard-disk Utilization Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Network Switch/Router Monitoring
  • Wireless Link Monitoring
  • Wireless Device Traffic / CPU Monitoring
  • any type of other systems
  • Live Reporting of Network Infrastructure
  • Alarm based Notification with Audio Beep
  • SMS Alerts upon Network Device State change
  • Traffic Report in Real time environment
  • Server / Client Architecture
  • Overview of Network can be seen in single shot
  • Inbuilt Syslog Server for Port / device updates
  • Uplink /ISP link monitoring for Traffic Usage pattern.
  • Single click device access.
  • Uptime/ SLA calculations.
  • Historical data access of device for Analysis.
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • monitoring can be done of All Devices/Router/Firewall/AP etc.
  • Telegram Notification
MRTG / Graphing Server

The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is tool for monitoring and measuring the traffic load on network links. It allows the user to see traffic load on a network over time in graphical form. It was originally developed by Tobias Oetiker and Dave Rand to monitor router traffic, but has developed into a tool that can create graphs and statistics for almost anything.

Applications Example of MRTG Server

  • It’s mainly use for Analysis purpose and decision making solution.
  • configuration can be done on any Managed Device !!
  • can customize Dashboard to view Helicopter view of your Organization
  • Total traffic across all the links can be monitored
  • All drill down/drill up reports can be done.
  • Automatic E-Mail delivery of reports to Customer.
  • User Management with privileges.
  • Leased Line / SME Customer can have own Credentials to monitor their Links.
  • API and Web Application Support.
  • Cloud Based solution.
  • You can monitor Linux Server / Windows Server / Virtual Server / Network Firewall / Router / Switch Performance in single server.